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Grammar mistakes don't make us sound cool and professional, do they? We've made grammar learning enjoyable and efficient. Focused practice and structured knowledge will remarkably refine your English.

How to use

A pool of topics with exercises and a course for beginners

If you need to refresh or polish a particular grammar issue, go to the pool of topics. If you are a beginner, start our course to study grammar from scratch.

Pool of topics with exercises

Includes top requested topics like tenses or articles. Simple explanations with examples, targeted exercises with built-in short, easy-to-understand references, 6 types of exercises.

Grammar course

"It don't" or "It doesn't"? If you're not certain, the course is highly recommended. It builds a solid base of systematic knowledge. Move step by step watching your progress and efficiency.


You might know a million words but you can't speak without grammar.

What is grammar?

Grammar tells us how to build sentences of words and how to use different parts of speech. Verb tenses, articles, word order are sections of grammar.

Why bother learning it?

Grammar is the basis of speaking and writing. You can't express your ideas and understand other people without it. It's the foundation on which your vocabulary stands.

How to learn grammar?

There is only one way—training. It's the same as when you learn to drive, to dance, or to code: the more you practise, the more skilled and confident you get.

Hundreds of exercises, thousands of tasks

That’s how many items we have at the moment. And many more are coming!







Knowledge check

Test your grammar

Are you on good terms with verbs and pronouns? Find out how well you know the basics!

For whom

Can Lingbase help you learn?

Yes, if

  • you are a self-learner, as an online grammar course
  • you study English with a teacher, as an intense, focused grammar practice
  • you are only starting to learn English or already making progress