We created this e-learning web application because we love learning. Not only languages. No matter what you do, there’s plenty of progress spinning up in every profession. Constant learning is vital to keep up with it. Besides, learning keeps your brain fit and thus delays ageing.

At first sight, there seems to be plenty of modern educational apps by now. But, in an attempt to attract as many users (and investment) as possible, they tend to excessive simplification and gamification. As a result, you may spend hours having fun, but you won’t really learn anything. Sad but true.

Learn, don’t play!

We believe that online language learning for motivated adults can and must be more serious. We decided to focus on grammar and make a clear and pure web app that will serve as a helpful supplement for English learners. The approach is based on the classic British grammar books which millions of students use all over the world.

We are convinced that e-learning has a prominent future. And we want it to come faster. Our next goal is to build a full fundamental, self-sufficient course of English. However, being a non-invested business, we strongly depend on our users’ support. So, stay with Lingbase and together let’s make online education as robust and efficient as never before!

Happy learning!