A course to revise, sum up, reinforce English grammar

Refresh and polish your English grammar! How to study: First open the green card and read the explanation. Then do all the exercises on the topic one by one. You need to score more than 7.5 points. You can do each exercise again with a different set of questions to improve your score. When all topics of a unit are scored, the next unit will become available.

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Unit 1

Present tenses part 1. Revision of present simple, present continuous. Difference in use between present simple and continuous. Revision of present perfect form.

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Unit 2

Present tenses part 2. How to form and how to use present perfect continuous. Difference in use between present perfect continuous and present perfect.

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Unit 4

Past tenses part 2. How to form and how to use past perfect. How to form and how to use past perfect continuous.

I had done — How to form past perfect

You had left before I came — How to use past perfect

I had been doing — How to form past perfect continuous

How to use past perfect continuous

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Unit 5

Future tenses. Future simple revision. How to form and to use future continuous and future perfect. Present tenses for the future, to be going to — revision.

Future simple

I will be doing — How to form future continuous

How to use future continuous

Future Perfect (will have done)

Present simple and continuous for the future, to be going to

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Unit 8

Second and third conditionals. I wish...  Conditionals — mixed exercises.

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Unit 9

Reported speech. Reported statements, reported questions, reported orders and requests. Mixed exercises to practise reported speech.

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Unit 10

Article with proper names. Mixed exercises on all kinds of article. Relative pronouns who, which, that. Questions with what, who, whom.

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Unit 11

All personal pronouns revision (I/me/my/mine/myself). Adjectives and adverbs. More about comparatives. Phrasal verbs.

Personal pronouns — revision

Fluent/fluently — Adjectives vs. adverbs

Much bigger, the sooner the better — More about comparatives

Get on, turn up... — Phrasal verbs

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Unit 12

On time, in time, at the end, in the end. Prepositions of place in, at, on. As and like. Expressing purpose with to, in order, so as to, so that. Future time clause.

On time, in time, at the end, in the end — Prepositions

On the wall, at the table, in the bag — Prepositions of place

As and like

to, in order, so as to, so that

Time clause (I'll tell him when I see him)