"Total Recall" course

A practical all-in-one refresher course

Online learning has never been more serious: now you can really work on your English without a teacher and need to leave home. Let’s brush up and revise the most confusing topics and aspects, such as verb tenses, conditionals, articles. Besides, we’ll deal with pronunciation and boost your listening comprehension skill. Result: more fluent English without errors.

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Intermediate course

Intermediate course screenshot

This course of exercises suits you if

  • You studied English some time ago but you don't remember much
  • You want to move from a2 (pre-intermediate level) to b1 and further
  • You need a quick and effective refreshment of English knowledge
  • You want to speak and write without errors



Maximum practice

Brief, simple explanations and specially designed exercises on each topic.


Six types of exercises

To make learning enjoyable and boost its effectiveness.


No more mistakes

With the focus on topics and issues that cause the most troubles.


No drilling

Thanks to practical exercises, you'll memorize the rules without additional effort.


Efficiency tracking

Track your results and improve them if necessary.


Designed for adults

Modern spoken language, no children's vocabulary, no distracting elements.

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