Terms of Service

Last updated: January 2019

Online language learning service "lingbase" offers to enter into an agreement on the terms of a public offer.


The User is an individual who has an account on the service after registration.

The Service is providing access to the set of functions and materials for learning a foreign language on the Internet resource lingbase.com under the terms of a simple (non-exclusive) license for a limited period of time.

The Website is lingbase.com

The Paid Period is the period of paid access which is determined by the pricing plan.

Subject of the agreement

The subject of the agreement is to provide the user with the service, that is, with access to the set of functions and materials for learning a foreign language on lingbase.com under a simple (non-exclusive) license for a limited period of time.

What is included in the service

After paying for the service, the user is given unlimited access to all the exercises, guides, tests, articles and reference materials on the English language, as well as all other user functionality, the one that is on the service at the moment and the one that will appear in the updated versions of the service.

The procedure for obtaining services, cost and order of payment

To purchase paid access, the user must first register. By registering on the service, the user accepts the current privacy policy. After registration, the user receives a username, a password, and an account.

The cost of the service is determined at the time of payment according to the selected pricing plan. The user can choose between two pricing plans: a subscription for 30 or for 365 days. The plans and the prices are listed on lingbase.com/en/prices. After selecting the plan, the user makes the payment online through the payment system. Other types of payment (cash, postal transfer, transfer to a bank card, etc.) are not accepted.

The service is not subject to VAT.

Access is granted immediately after confirmation of payment and stops at 00:00 the next day after the end of the paid period, if the user has not paid for the next access period.

If the user does not need or have the opportunity to use the purchased service (due to any technical or other problems on the user's side), the cost of the paid service is not refunded, and the service is considered to be provided in full.

The service is considered to be executed properly and accepted by the user in full, if within 5 (five) working days after the expiration of the paid period, the administration of the website does not receive motivated written claims from the user.

Rights and obligations

The user has the right:

The user is obliged:

The service administration has the right:

The administration of the website is obliged:


Both the administration of the website and the user are responsible in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation in case of violation of their obligations. At the same time, the administration of the website does not refund the user the amount exceeding the cost of the paid service.

The administration of the website is not responsible:

The service is provided "as is" - in the form, volume, to the degree of efficiency in which it exists at the time of the conclusion of the agreement. This means that the administration of the website is not responsible for the problems encountered by the user during the use of the service, as well as compatibility issues with other software products, and the mismatch of the service with the user's expectations.

The parties are exempted from liability for partial or complete non-fulfilment of obligations under this agreement if this failure was the result of force majeure circumstances that arose after the conclusion of the agreement (force majeure). The parties undertake to inform each other about such circumstances within three days from the moment they occur.

Final provisions

The agreement comes into force from the moment the user pays for the service according to the chosen pricing plan and is valid for the duration of the access to the service.

The agreement can be terminated early by mutual agreement of the parties, as well as on the initiative of the website administration in case the user violates the terms of the agreement, without returning any funds to the user.

The website administration has the right to unilaterally make changes to the terms of the agreement. These changes take effect from the date they are published. If the user continues to use the service after making changes and/or additions to the agreement, this means the user accepts such changes and/or additions.

In case of disagreements or disputes between the administration of the website and the user associated with this agreement, the parties undertake to take all possible measures to resolve the disputed situation through negotiations.

If by negotiations it is not possible to resolve the disputes and/or disagreements that have arisen, then such disputes are resolved in the Arbitration Court of the city of Moscow.

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