Reported statements – Exercise 338


Choose the best option.

— What are doing, Tony?

— I'm writing a review of a restaurant. 

— When did you go to that restaurant?

— I went there two days ago. The food was awful and the waiter insulted me.

— How terrible. Did they apologize?

— No, they didn't. I'm going to give them a one-star rating.

— Does this restaurant have many negative reviews?

— There are a few. The visitors mostly complain about the quality of service. But it won't improve until they fire that guy.

When I spoke to Tony, he said he a review of a restaurant. He told me he there two days ago. He said the food awful and the waiter him. He told me that the manager . Tony said he to give that restaurant a one-star rating. He mentioned that this restaurant a few negative reviews. He said the visitors mostly about the quality of service. He told me the quality until they fired that waiter.