Present simple for regular actions – Exercise 163


Put the subject and the verb in brackets into the right form.
For example,
(You, have) a cat? → Do you have a cat?
(I, not have) a cat. → I don’t have a cat.

A: Lena, can you stay with the kids for the weekend?
B: Okay, but (I, not know)  your children very well. What (they, eat) , for example? What activities (they, prefer) ?
A: (Ron, not eat) mushrooms, beans and carrots. (He, hate) milk. (Lilian, like) spaghetti and French fries but (she, not touch) she green salad, cheese and onion.
B: (They, like) ice cream and pudding?
A: They certainly do! But (I, not give) them too many sweets. Too much (sugar, not be) good for their health.