Present simple for regular actions – Exercise 163


Put the subject and the verb in brackets into the right form.
For example,
(You, have) a cat? → Do you have a cat?
(I, not have) a cat. → I don’t have a cat.

A: What (you, know)  about Brazil? 
B: (It, be) a country in South America. (It, have) a vast territory. (It, be) the fifth largest country in the world. Its capital is Brasilia.
A: And what language (Brazilians, speak) ?
B: Most (people, speak) Portuguese.
A: How often (you, go) there?
B: Several times a year. Our (company, buy) coffee beans from a Brazilian manufacturer.
A: (You, like) that coffee? (You, drink) it yourself?
B: Yes, I do! It's very good!