Present tenses for the future – Exercise 233


Choose the best option.

Anna is going to the railway station and she's a little bit nervous.

— Oh god, it's a quarter past five. late!

— What time

— At a quarter to six.

— Don't worry. I think at the railway station in ten minutes. I just hope we in a traffic jam. 

— Look! There, up ahead! The car has just crashed into the bus. I don't want to miss the train.

— Okay. you carry your suitcase?

— Yes, please. It is heavy. a conference in Hamburg that's why I had to take a lot of things with me. 

— Wait a minute then. the car somewhere here.

— Thanks, that's kind of you.

— Alright. Are you ready? now? 

— Yes, let's hurry up. Do you see those dark clouds? ? What a bad day!