Упражнение 187 на there is / there are


Посмотрите на фото и ответьте на вопросы, вписывая конструкцию there is / there are или there isn't / there aren't.

1) Is there a TV set? — No, .

2) How many armchairs are there? — two yellow armchairs.

3) Is there a cat under the armchair? — No, .

4) Is there a table? — Yes, a small round table between the armchairs.

5) Are there curtains at the window? — Yes, white curtains.

6) Is there a flowerpot? — Yes, a flowerpot on the table.

7) Are there any plants? — Yes, a green plant in the flowerpot.

8) Is there a laptop in the armchair? — No, .

9) Is there a building in front of the window? — Yes, .

10) Are there any people in the room? — No, any people.