Упражнение 187 на there is / there are


Посмотрите на фото и ответьте на вопросы, вписывая конструкцию there is / there are или there isn't / there aren't.

1) Is there a lake? — Yes, a big lake.

2) How many parking spaces are there? —  two parking spaces near the hotel.

3) Are there any trees? — Yes, a lot of trees.

4) How many points of interest are there? —  three points of interest.

5) Is there a hotel? — Yes,  a Marriott hotel.

6) Are there any bridges across the lake? — Yes, one bridge.

7) What about forests? —  a native forest by the lake.

8) Is there a camping site? — No, .

9) Are there any museums? — No, any.

10) How many trails are there? — four trails.