Упражнение 159 на вопросительную форму Present Simple


Выберите наиболее подходящий вариант.

A: a pet?
B: Yes, I've a fox.
A: A fox? That's very unusual. a wild animal?
B: No, it's domestic. 
A: Wow! Is it a girl or a boy?
B: It's a boy.
A: his name?
B: Uliss.
A: ?
B: He's a puppy, 6 months old. 
A: ? Mice?
B: No, he eats special dry food. Sometimes we give him some fruit and vegetables.
A: your family like him?
B: Yes, they like him very much! Uliss is always playful and cheerful. 
A: of him?
B: Yes, I do. Here, look! 
A: Oh, he's so cute!