Упражнение 215 на образование Past Continuous


Посмотрите на расписание человека и напишите предложения в Past Continuous. Возьмите глагол из расписания.

Rooney is a zookeeper.

07:00–07:15 Feed the sea lions

07:30–08:30 Clean the cages

08:30–09:00 Prepare food for the foxes

09:00–10:00 Train the cheetahs

10:00–10:30 Arrange a vet for the giraffe

10:30–12:30 Give a tour for a school group

12:30–1:15 Have lunch

1:20–2:00 Type a weekly report

2:00–3:30 Repair the lion's cage

3:30–3:40 Order peanuts for the elephants

At 07:10 Rooney the sea lions.

At 08:00 he the cages.

At 08:45 he food for the foxes.

At 09:40 he the cheetahs.

At 10:15 he a vet for the giraffe.

At 11:00 he a tour for a school group.

At 1:00 he lunch.

At 1:50 he a weekly report.

At 3:00 he the lion's cage.

At 3:35 he for the elephants.