Упражнение 207 на образование Future Simple


Напишите утвердительные или отрицательные предложения в Future Simple. Используйте will или won’t и глагол, данный в скобках. Выскажите ваше мнение. Оба варианта являются верными.
(not live) In fifty years people _____ _____ on the moon. → In fifty years people won’t live on the moon.

Think about your friend. What will happen to him or her in ten years? What do you think?

(earn) My friend a lot of money.

(find) My friend another job.

(have) My friend a new hobby.

(feel) My friend happy.

(stay) My friend in good health.

(meet) My friend and I very often.

(travel) My friend and I together.

(work) My friend and I for the same company.

(start) My friend and I a business together.

(live) My friend and I in the same city.